12m2 / 129sq ft Four leaf clover themed antique French floor c.1905

A curious and beautifully detailed antique French floor in cool tones of sage and leaf greens on a fond of cream with mustard and black detailing and piping present. The 12m2 / 130 sq ft floor is complete with its original same size and twin half size border tiles. The theme is vegetal but with a humorous twist as the three-leaf single tile clover produces a four-leafed clover motif when it tessellates to its four-tile form. ‘Le Treffle’ in France is as much a symbol of good luck as its Irish equivalent the shamrock is in Eire or on the east coast of the USA. The large clover on the four-tile tessellation is centrally anchored by a smaller group of three leaf clovers. The principal and same size border tiles are 15.5cm sq and the half size borders 15.5cm x 7.75cm. The tiles, which are unmarked save for a grid line design on the reverse, are dated from the house in the Lille suburbs from which they were taken, constructed in c.1905. We have a growing library of antique period catalogues and scans and have included a scan from the Sand & Cie Catalogue showing the floor.

The ceramic is excellent quality and the tiles in very good condition with consistent slip colouring. They arrive ready to relay having been cleaned of their old lime based mortar and had their faces steam cleaned to remove old wax.

Being ceramic the tiles are suitable for internal or external use, for example as a front garden path.

Tile quantities, give or take one or two: -

FIELD – 360

LARGE BORDERS – 64 (plus 3 corner tiles) – 10.4 linear metres / 34 linear feet

SMALL BORDERS – 139 (plus 7 corner tiles) – 22 linear metres / 72 linear feet

Floor Size: 
10m² - 20m²