An 11m2 / 118 sq ft Belgian ceramic - Societe Anonyme AMAY

In a cool palette of sky blue, charcoal, grey and white a 14cm field and same size border ceramic reclaimed, professionally restored and ready to re-lay.

The border can be laid as a single lay or a double back to back lay, as shown in the gallery.

Manufactured in the early 20th century by Produits Ceramiques Societe Anonyme Amay, Belgique, we include in the gallery a scan from the page of their catalogue showing the tiles.

The floor has restored well, a 15mm thick quality ceramic with a deep slip it displays occasional small chips and edge nibbles, all groutable.

As a highly fired tile, over 1,000 degrees, it can be laid inside or outside of the home and will work very efficiently with underfloor heating systems. 

The photographs detail a randomly selected section of c.1.2m2.

We have previously recovered the same floor, some ten years ago, which was laid to impressive effect in the wet room of a house in Perth, Australia. We were delighted to receive photographs back from our client and they can be seen by clicking here

Tile quantities by tile type:-

FIELD - 430 tiles - 8.4m2 / 91 sq ft.

LARGE BORDERS - 130 plus 3 corners* - 2.6m2 / 28 sq ft. - 18.6 linear metres / 61 linear feet**.

* We have recovered 3 of the 8 border corners required for a back to back framing of the floor. The others can be mitre cut from regular borders.

** Halve the linear lengths for a double back to back lay as shown in the gallery.