Antique octagon tiles complete with burgundy tile inserts (CE94)

Antique octagon tiles complete with burgundy tile inserts

SOLD  SOLD  SOLD  c.4m2+ / 44 sq ft of antique octagon ceramic tiles, 15cm wide, in a beige background decorated with black and biscuit coloured scrolling and sky blue flowers.

A 5cm sq (2 inch) floral themed burgundy tile, called a cabochon in French, links the octagons together and for ease of laying we have only included the full pieces and not the halves in the photographs.

Framing the floor is a light grey lattice Boch Freres border tile for which the corner pieces will be supplied mitre cut, as shown in the photographs.

The high resolution photographs detail a representative section of the floor and a large number of tiles with small and medium chips, easily groutable, are supplied free.


Tiles quantities:-

Octagon Field tiles – c.104

Cabochon inserts – c. 140 full plus some free halves

Border tiles – 105

Octagon field and cabachon
Boch freres border tile

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