A small, 2.3m2, classical period ceramic floor (CE174-1R)

A small, 2.3m2, classical period ceramic floor
A small 2.3m2 / 26 sq ft ceramic encaustic French floor ideal for a toilet, small entrance porch or as a feature surrounded by a complimentary tile or antique parquet. The floor consists of a 14cm square field and border tile, manufactured by Produits Ceramiques et Refractaire Societe Morialme in the early twentieth century. Of a classical tessellation and in a palette of sky blue and off-white on a fond of mid grey the more free form and fluid borders add elegance to what is a strongly geometric grey themed main field tile. There are a small number of borders available, likely enough for a couple of horizontal runs rather than a framing. No border corners are available but could be mitre cut.
The tiles have cleaned well of their old lime based mortar and display a beautifully aged patina; some tiles have edge nibblings and the occasional small groutable chip but the slip is good and the tiles, at c.1.25cm thick, are in excellent condition. The high resolution photographs below are of a representative section of the floor and being ceramic encaustic and fired to over 1,100F they are excellent conductors and retainers of heat and so suitable for use with underfloor heating systems. They also lend themselves to being laid inside or outside of the home where sub zero temperatures will have no effect on their durability.
PLEASE NOTE:- The small border tiles shown in the photograph are not available. The floor offered consists of the main field tile and large borders, quantities for which are below:-
Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-
Main field tiles - 96 - 1.9m2 / 20.5 sq ft.
Large border tiles - 22 - 0.44m2 / 4.7sq ft - 3 linear metres / 118 inches

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