6m2 Thistle themed ceramic encaustic floor with same size borders (CL56)

6m2 Thistle themed ceramic encaustic floor with same size borders


A small c.6m2 / 65 sq. ft antique Belgian ceramic encaustic floor complete with its original same size border tile.  The tiles are 14.2cm square and 15mm thick although owing to their being handmade in small batches there are small variations in tile sizes, particularly amongst the borders. 

The vegetal theme of the tiles, a theme consistently found during the art nouveau period, centres on 'chardons' or thistles; the palette offers cornflower blue, burgundy, mid greys and greens on a white tile excellent for distributing light. Along with photographs below of the floor we include a scan from a book in our possession that shows the same field tiles laid in The Winter Conservatory of The Religious Institute Ursuline in the Parish of Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Waver in Belgium. The building was started in 1841 and the conservatory added in 1900. The floor, which has been reclaimed from the entrance area of a town house close to Namur in Belgium, is in good condition and having cleaned very well it reveals a good quality ceramic with a deep slip and colours that are consistent and vibrant and we think it would work well in an entrance hall or conservatory, linking house and garden. 

Ceramic encaustic tiles are highly fired and can be used with underfloor heating systems as well as providing the option to be laid outside of the home, on a patio, in a summer house or as a garden path as frost or ice will not damage the tiles. The tiles will not require sealing once laid and only a regular washing to maintian their beauty.

The high resolution photographs below show a random section of the floor of around 1m2. 


Tile quantities give or take one or two:-

FIELD TILE - 250  - 5.1m2 / 55 sq ft. plus 16 free tile rejects for use as halves.

LARGE BORDERS - 47 plus 2 corner pieces* - 1m2 / 10.76 sq. ft or 7.5 linear metres, 24.7 linear feet

* There are four large border corner rejects that can be used to mitre cut the missing border corner tiles.





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