50 antique French handmade ceramic tiles - 1m2+ (CE191-2)

50 antique French handmade ceramic tiles - 1m2+


50 antique handmade French ceramic tiles, 14.5cm square, dating from the early part of the 20th century, reclaimed from the bouanderie of period property in the Alsace region of north eastern France, along with two other period floors.

The tiles have cleaned well; the patina is aged, rich and full of charm with edge nibbles and small chips apparent on some tiles as well as tonal variatons in colour owing to their handmade production in small batches. Most also display a surface capillary crack, formed when the tile leaves the kiln and during cooling comes into contact with humidity in the air.

The palette is cool and the motif unquestionably French.

Options exist to relay the tiles in a small bathroom as a carpet style feature or within a shower and they can of course be fixed on walls; in an inglenook, an Aga splash-back, inside a chimney hearth, on stair treadwells, behind sinks etc.



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