4.2m2 to 4.6m2+ antique ceramic French tile in leaf green - dated 1922 (CE239-1)

4.2m2 to 4.6m2+ antique ceramic French tile in leaf green - dated 1922


A small antique French field tile on a dark green and mid grey slip embracing a bold fluid white motif opening out over a four tile tessellation. The floor has been reclaimed, along with an antique Douvrin floor, from a town house renovation in the ville of Verton in Nord-Pas-de-Calais region of northern France.

15.2cm square the tiles are 15mm thick and reversed stamped P C M, the mark of S.A Produits Ceramiques de Maubeuge, a tile stamp which was used between 1882 and the mid 1930's. Scans from their period catalogue showing the tiles are included below and in French make reference to having been trading for 40 years, so the tiles must be dated 1922.

The floor totals 4.2m2 / 45 sq ft in surface area, being 179 field tiles with c.30+ additional free reject tiles which can be used as halves or for cuts by the tiler.

There is the opportunity to take a ceramic half size border tile, 14cm x 7cm, with this floor which would increase the surface area to c.4.6m2. There are 45 half size borders available, providing a linear length of 6.3 metres or 21 linear feet. We have shown the half size borders below with the field tiles.

The tiles arrive ready to relay having cleaned very well and display consistent colours on a good, heavy quality ceramic and can be laid inside or outside of the home. Inside the home they will work very efficiently with underfloor heating systems.

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