4.25m2 Art Deco ceramic encaustic Perusson floor c.1925-1930 (CE157)

4.25m2 Art Deco ceramic encaustic Perusson floor c.1925-1930


An unusual ceramic encaustic art deco tile which in their celestial design appear to herald something of the Space Age!

These 14cm sq ceramic encaustic tiles have been reclaimed from a town house close to Chalon sur Saone in Burgundy, France and were produced locally, being reverse stamped Perusson, a local period manufacturer based alongside the Canal de Bourgogne in the Saone et Loire department. Having been professionally cleaned of old mortar and wax the centralised blue is crisp and vibrant but the tiles have clearly been hand made as there is variation in the colours of slip, most notably in what is the gold detailing of the design around the blue central. Colour  variation often occurred before the adoption of mass production methods, when tiles were made in small batches. The high resolution photographs of a small section of the floor is representative of the whole and also shows, in the case of a small number of tiles, some bearing small groutable chip and edge nibbles.

Being a ceramic encaustic tile and highly fired they can be used very efficiently with underfloor heating systems and both within and outside the home as they will be resistent to both high and sub zero temperatures.


Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

Main field tiles - 220

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