c.8m2 classical Sand & Cie french ceramic floor c.1900 (PC18)

c.8m2 classical Sand & Cie french ceramic floor c.1900

SOLD  SOLD  SOLD  A small classical antique ceramic encaustic floor, dated around 1900, this floor has been recovered from an annex building of a large house in the city of Lille, northern France, currently being developed into a music recording studio. This was a tragic one for us as having agreed to lift what was a 25m2 floor, a task that can take two days, the owner then ripped it out with a pick-axe leaving only the current surface available for re-use!

The main field tiles are reverse stamped Sand & Cie and are a quality ceramic encaustic, which has cleaned well. There only remains around 40 of the half sized domino themed borders, which are in a dark aubergine and white, compared to the charcoal, grey and white of the main 15cm sq field tile. We have introduced a complimentary Perusson 14.2cm sq border tile from the same period to the floor and taken photographs showing both the larger border and the half sized domino as options whereby you have the choice to take one, both or just the main field tiles and we have detailed the quantities below. The main field tiles are in good condition, around 15% bearing larger chips but all of which are groutable. The high resolution photographs below of a section of the floor are an accurate representation of the whole.

Being ceramic encaustic and highly fired the floor can be laid inside or outside of the home and is an excellent choice for use with underfloor heating systems.


Note:- This floor can be increased in size by taking a complimentary half size border, details of which can be seen by clicking here


Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

Main 15cm sq field tile - 260 tiles totalling 5.86m2 plus 50 reject tiles supplied free

Large Perrusson 14.2cm sq border - 81 tiles plus 2 corners totalling 1.68m2

Small domino border 15cm x 7.5cm - 40 tiles totalling 0.45m2