Small antique Boucquey and Winckelmans ceramic floor c.1930 (CE207-2)

Small antique Boucquey and Winckelmans ceramic floor c.1930


A small, antique ceramic floor of 15cm sq tiles, totaling 5.75m2, complete with same size borders in a cool palette of light and dark greys, primrose blue and white. The floor has been reclaimed from a house in the cathedral city of Amiens, Picardy and the tiles bear the reverse inscription 'B&W', an abbreviation for Usines de la Croix de Pierre, Boucquey et Winckelmans, Lomme pres de Lille. The floor is dated c.1930. Winckelmans, one of the great French belle epoque tile producers, are still manufacturing in Lomme, Lille today.

The floor has cleaned well; a small number of tiles display small groutable chips and edge nibbles but the slip is good, the colours consistent and the 1.5cm thick ceramic is of a good quality. The floor consists of 190+ field tiles totalling some  4.3m2 / 46 sq ft and 64 large border tiles totalling 1.45m2+ / 15.6 sq ft or 9.9 linear metres / 32.4 linear feet. There are two border corner tiles available and the other two (or more) can easily be mitre cut from the regular border tiles.

The floor can be laid inside or outside of the home, will work efficiently with underfloor heating systems and will not require sealing once laid. A regular washing will be all that is required for maintenance.