Small Art Nouveau floor with clover themed borders (CL38-1)

Small Art Nouveau floor with clover themed borders
A small, 3.75m2, Belgian ceramic encaustic floor of 14.2 cm square tiles reclaimed from the entrance hall of a turn of the century town house close to Charleroi, Belgium.
Bearing all the fluid, vegetal themes of art nouveau design the prinicpal field tile of this small floor comes with a same size clover themed border tile.
The palette, shared by both the field and border tile is diverse but complimentary with vieux rose, leaf green, ginger, chocolate brown and charcoal all present on a white base.
While rich in design and detailing the tessellation of the tiles produces a strong geometric flow across the floor, easy on the eye and strongly navigational. 
Owing to the tiles being handmade in batches there is some colour variation, particularly with the ginger of the field tile but which only adds to the charm of the floor.
The ceramic is excellent, the slip deep and the tiles have cleaned superbly of their old mortar and years of wax.
A highly fired tile, they can be laid inside or outside of the home and being +/-15mm thick, will work superbly with under-floor heating systems.

Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

Field tiles – 125 (2.45m2)
Borders – 65 (1.3m2) – 9.1 linear metres / 28 feet 10 inches