RARE...Maufroid Freres et Soeur 6m2 /65 sq ft ceramic floor c.1880 (CE111)

RARE...Maufroid Freres et Soeur 6m2 /65 sq ft ceramic floor c.1880


They don’t come along very often and we are delighted to have relcaimed from a large Maison Maitre in Brussels, Belgium this rare, handmade Maufroid Freres et Soeur unglazed ceramic-encaustic floor dated c.1880, with its original border tile. Owing to a part sale of the floor there remains 6m2+ / 65 sq ft.

The photographs below of a 1.5m x 2.2m (5ft x 7ft+) section of the floor detail both its scale and stunning workmanship. The floor comprises of a large, repeating 64cm sq (30 inch sq) circular motif made up of 16 individual 16.2cm sq (6.5 inch sq) tiles of four different designs. One photograph shows a hand on the motif, provided to give an indication of scale which can often be lost on a screen.

The floor has been carefully cleaned of old mortar, wax and dirt tile by tile and now reveals an exquisite patina with the colours remaining vibrant and consistent.

The floors patina is beautiful; as can be seen in the photographs some tiles display shallow surface capillary cracks, c.2cm long, formed when the tile left the kiln and heat radiating from it met humid air in the room. A small number of tiles bear nibbles, surface crackling and groutable small chips. The section photographed in high resolution is representative of the whole. 

Please note that only the small border tile is available, for which there are 50 pieces totalling 8 linear metres. As well as the option for the floor to fit a full area of a room it would also make an impressive statement in a larger area, as a carpet style feature or as stand alone motifs complimented by a plain ceramic tile or an antique parquet.

The tiles will work efficiently with underfloor heating systems and can be laid inside or outside of the home.


We would be happy to assist your enquiry in evaluating the fit of this floor to your desired space


There are 13 full motifs* (208 tiles) totalling 5.4m2 / 58 sq ft**

Small borders – 50 tiles totalling 0.7m2 / 8 linear metres or 26.2 linear feet

*16 tiles in a motif

** plus there are some spare individual tiles of the motif



The 16 tile motif consists of 4 separate tile designs, shown here