Beautiful floral themed ceramic encaustic floor - 11.25m2+ - early 20th century (CE212)

Beautiful floral themed ceramic encaustic floor - 11.25m2+ - early 20th century

SOLD  SOLD  SOLD  A complete ceramic encaustic period floor produced by Compagnie Construction de Fours, Ceramiques de Douvrin in the early 20th century. The floor has been recovered from the reception room of a house in the ancient Cathedral city of Amiens, Somme, northern France.

The main field tile can be seen in a scanned page of the Douvrin catalogue included below with a selection of high resolution photographs of a random section of the floor. Consisting of a 14cm square field tile and border tile framed by a half sized border laid in duplicate, this is an excellent ceramic presenting on a sky blue fond a pretty circular floral motif of peach coloured flowers. The large border tile is of the same palette but on a white fond and, unlike the main field tile where the bouquet draws the eye inwards to the centre of the tiles, the spiralling design of the border is in reverse, pulling the eye to the corners of the tiles. Framing the large border tile is a half size block line tile, laid in duplicate.

The floor is in excellent condition, colours are consistent and there is no surface wear. As can be seen from the photographs below it has cleaned superbly and arrives ready to relay, requiring only a regular wash to maintain its beauty.


Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

Main field tiles - 420 - 8.4m2 / 90.4 sq ft

Large border tiles - 70 - 1.4m2 / 15 sq ft or 9.8 linear metres / 32 linear ft

Small border tiles - 160 plus 8 corners - 1.6m2 / 17 sq ft or 23 linear metres / 75.3 linear ft.