Patchwork of Douvrin tiles - early 20th century (DV1)

Patchwork of Douvrin tiles - early 20th century

A small splashback produced from 16 antique French ceramic encaustic tiles manufactured by Ceramiques de Douvrin in the early part of the Twentieth Century. We have included a scan below from the period catalogue showing the tiles.

14cm square and 15mm thick they display a rich, antique patina and having been handmade in small batches there is tonal variation in the colours, particularly with the reds as can be seen in the photographs. Some of the tiles display edge nibbling and small, groutable chips.

Dimension of the tiles laid out 4 x 4 is 56cm square although they can be laid differently if preferred.


Given their weight of 14kgs it is likely only UK delivery is an economical destination unless the purchase is part of another order. 



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