Classical French damiers in a period Iowa home (YW1)

Classical French damiers in a period Iowa home

We recently supplied two restored antique French ceramic floors for this impressive renovation in Musactine, Iowa, USA and were delighted to receive photographs back from our client following their installation

The floors, in a classical French damier, were manufactured by Gare de Douzies Maubeuge and Ceramiques de Douvrin; the larger, in the kitchen area, in the 1930's and the smaller bathroom floor between 1880 and 1910

They have been relaid in this fine 450m2 period property with great senstivity and aesthetic with the use of the borders to add links and accents to areas particulary impressive 

The palette is cool and the well balanced lines creating a strong navigation through the rooms


Further details on the floors we supplied can be found here and here

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