A large 28.5m2 / 307 sq ft Belgian St Ghislain ceramic floor (CE121-1)

A large 28.5m2 / 307 sq ft Belgian St Ghislain ceramic floor
A large 28.5m2 / 307sq ft ceramic encaustic floor c.1900, produced by the period ceramic house of S.A de Carrelages, St Ghislain in the Henegouwen region of Belgium.
The tiles are 15cm sq and are reverse stamped ‘St G’.
The floor has been reclaimed from a pair or rooms in a fine house in Charleroi, Belgium and comes complete with its original double border tiles, one full size, one half size.
The style is rich, embracing a fluid vegetal themed motif and a classic ‘links within links’ design and the level of detail on both a single tile and the final tessellation of the floor is remarkable. The restored colours, having had years of old dirt, cement and wax professionally removed are autumnal with burnt orange, dark red, leaf green and mustards present on fonds of sky blue and white. Physical proof that they really do not make them like they used to; this is a quality heavy tile of exquisite design and of a rich slip colouring that is good for the next hundred years.

Tile quantities (give or take one or two):-

FIELD – 1,070  tiles - 24m2 / 258 sq ft
LARGE BORDERS – 139 tiles - 3.1m2 / 33.4 sq ft or 20.9 linear metres / 68.4 linear feet
SMALL BORDERS – 130 tiles - 1.5m2 or 19.5 linear metres / 64 linear feet 

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