16m2 antique Boch Freres Maubege ceramic encaustic floor - 1929 (CE136)

16m2 antique Boch Freres Maubege ceramic encaustic floor - 1929

SOLD  SOLD  SOLD  An ornate Boch Freres Maubege ceramic floor with original same size and half size border tiles, dated 1929.

The main field tile, an ornate floral design in a mosaic theme, has a relief surface as the detailed photographs show. The palette is rich with olive green, sky blue, charcoal and biscuit present. The borders are linear and strongly geometric in mushroom, yellow and burnt red. The larger border can be laid in one of two ways as the photographs below detail.

The tiles are 14cm sq with the half size borders 14cm x 7cm. There is some variation in colour amongst the tiles doubtless owing to the batching process during production.

This striking floor was recovered from the kitchen of a house in the suburbs of Paris and having been cleaned of old mortar and years of wax now reveal a very good ceramic (to be expected of Boch Freres) and tiles in very good condition and vibrant colours.

Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

FIELD – 630 LARGE BORDERS – 110 (15.4 linear metres / 50 ft +) SMALL BORDERS – 183 with 7 corners (25.6 linear metres / 84 ft +)


Optional lay for the main border tiles

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