Belgian ceramic encaustic floor tiles - classical geometry c.1895 (CE17)

Belgian ceramic encaustic floor tiles - classical geometry c.1895

A large and complete antique Belgian ceramic encaustic floor dated c.1895 totalling 20m2, 217 sq ft, complete with its back to back border. The floor was taken from the hallway of a large Brussels house and both the main field tiles and the border tiles are 15cm sq (just under 6 inches) and 1.5cm (+ 1/2 inch) thick.

Tessellating in a classical geometric design centered on a blue diamond motif backed by mid grey and charcoal linking, the main field tiles are complimented by a richer and more fluid border in the same palette. The tiles are reverse stamped CPRS having been produced by Produits Ceramiques St Remy, a heritage Belgian ceramic producer established close to Chimay.

The floor has been cleaned of its old lime based mortar to the back and sides and the faces have had their old wax and dirt removed. Being a highly fired tile it can be laid inside or outside of the home as the ceramic is resistant to high summer and sub zero temperatures.


Tile Counts (give or take one or two):-

FIELD TILES - 700 - 15.75m2 / 170 sq ft

BORDER TILES - 190 plus 4 internal and 4 external border corners - 4.45m2 / 48 sq ft*

* 29.7 linear metres as a single lay and 14.9 linear metres as a back to back lay


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