27.75m2 / 300 sq ft mosaic themed antique French floor c.1930 (CE133)

27.75m2 / 300 sq ft mosaic themed antique French floor c.1930 Border tile

A large and quite unique antique French ceramic floor, dated 1930, using no fewer than nine individual 15cm sq tiles, 15mm thick, to create an impressive mosaic themed floor with rich borders and a large central motif.

The floor has originally been lifted from two adjoining rooms and totals c.27.75m2 / 300 sq ft. The geometric mosaic patterns are in sky blue, sea green, burgundy and cream on a tile of a flesh pink fond.

Owing to the size of the floor it is impractical to lay it out for photographic purposes but photographs pre-lifting the floor are below as well as the individual tiles with their counts. The floors border tiles have been used to create the central motif for the floor.

This is a floor that can be re-configured in different ways and we would be happy to look at floor plans and assess and advise accordingly. Being a highly fired ceramic tile they can be laid inside or outside of the home as high summer and sub-zero winter temperatures will not effect the tile. They are also excellent distributors and retainers of heat and will therefore work very efficiently with underfloor heating systems.

NOTE:- Given the size of the floor there may be the possibility to sell a smaller section if the ratio of field tiles to border tiles required is maintained - Enquire for details.


Floor pre-lifting - detail
Bridge tile
Border frame
Bridge tile corner piece
Border tile corner pieces
External border tile corners
External border
Main field tiles

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