23m2+ antique French damier floor c.1930 (CE225)

23m2+ antique French damier floor c.1930

SOLD  SOLD  SOLD  This antique French damier floor consists of two plain tiles in mid grey and off-white and a linking motif tile. In a cool palette, the floor is framed by a strongly geometric full size and half size border, which is laid in duplicate.

The tiles are 14cm square and date from the 1930's.

We have also recovered the floor tiles which were used as wall plinths; these are 15cm square and can be used as a supplementary full size border tile when laying the floor. See photographs below.


The surface area is 23m2 excluding the plinth borders and 25m2 including the plinth borders.

We can supply tile quantities by tile type and with the purchase of this floor will produce, if you require, the layout fit for your room(s) from a sketch or drawing with key dimensions provided by you.

The tiles have cleaned well revealing a pleasing antique patina; some display small groutable edge nibbles and capillary cracks formed when the tile left the kiln and cooled. There is some tonal variation in the plain grey tiles, as can be seen, owing to their being made in a small batch production process. Photographs below show a clean section representative of the whole floor, as well as one showing the floor pre-lifting from its original home in the Picardy region of northern France.


15cm Borders
The floor pre-lifting

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