22.75m2 Fine antique Boch Freres ceramic floor - beautiful symmetry - c.1850 - 1860 (CE173)

22.75m2 Fine antique Boch Freres ceramic floor - beautiful symmetry - c.1850 - 1860

SOLD  SOLD  SOLD  A large and rare 22.75m2+ / 245 sq ft, antique French ceramic encaustic floor produced by Boch Freres, Maubeuge c.1850-1860. These large and heavy 17.3cm square, 2cm thick tiles were handmade in small batches and are of an excellent ceramic and their bold design is symmetrically pure across their four tile tessellation. The floor was laid originally in two connecting rooms of a maison maitre in the town of Curgies, close to the northern French city of Valenciennes. Two same size borders were laid with the floor, one in each room; a moorish themed lozenge border in one room and in the other a vine leaf themed border on a wine coloured fond. We include both tiles in the sale. Additionally, a half sized border tile framed the floor in both rooms and we have photographed the floor to show both borders in-situ with the field tile and half size border.

The floor has been completely cleaned of its old lime based mortar and years of wax removed to reveal a deep slip of colours as fresh as when they left the kiln. The tiles are in excellent condition, a small number have edge nibbles and small chips but the high resolution photographs below are representative of the whole floor. Being a highly fired ceramic encaustic the floor can be laid inside or outside of the home, where high summer and sub zero winter temperatures will have no impact on the structure of the tile. The floor does not require sealing once laid and a waxing is optional based on your preference for a floor with a satin sheen or not. It simply requires a regular wash to retain its beauty.

Should you require any assistance with evaluating if the floor fits your desired space we will be happy to help without obligation.


Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

Main field tile - 550  (16.8 m2)

Lozenge border tile - 73  (12.4 linear metres / 41 linear feet)

Vine themed border tile - 74  (12.6 linear metres / 41 linear feet)

Half size border tile - 140  (24.5 linear metres / 80 linear feet)


Plus free tile rejects to use as offcuts


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