Small, 6.25m2, Octave Colozier ceramic encaustic floor, pre-1912 (CE238)

Small, 6.25m2, Octave Colozier ceramic encaustic floor, pre-1912
Totalling 6.25m2 / 67 sq ft. this pretty antique ceramic encaustic floor has been reclaimed from an entrance room of a house in Beauvais, north west of Paris. The tiles are reverse stamped O C, having been manufactured by S.A Ceramiques Octave Colozier, pre 1913. The floor comprises of a floral themed field tile of a cheerful yellow and teal on a white slip, a same size flowing lace themed border and a spearmint and pink bar themed half size border, which top and tails. There are three large border tiles present, requiring one be mitre cut and all small border corners wil require cutting unless the plan is not to frame the floor but use the borders as, for example, skerting runs on two sides only.
Three scans below from the original Octave Colozier catalogue of 1913, in our possession, can be seen below showing all three tiles.
The floor has cleaned well, slip colours are crisp and consistent and the ceramic is excellent. A small number of tiles display small chips or edge nibbles expected of a floor over 100 years old with the high resolution photographs below being of a random sample of the floor.
The floor would be perfect for a small bathroom, entrance lobby or as a centralised feature in a larger area framed by a complimentary tile or antique parquet. Optionally, being a highly fired tile, they can be laid outside of the home on a patio or in a summer house.

Tile quantities:-

Field tiles - 212 - 4.25m2 / 45.7 sq ft. 
Large Border tiles - 52 - 1m2 or 7.3 linear metres or 24 linear feet
Small Border tiles - 95 - 1m2 or 13.3 linear metres or 43.6 linear feet
Plus free tile rejects for use as halves or offcuts.

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