Rare 12.5m2 Paray Le Monial ceramic floor - 1891-1921 (PLM1)

Rare 12.5m2 Paray Le Monial ceramic floor - 1891-1921


Stunning and in superb condition this excellent ceramic has been reclaimed from a downstairs reception room of a Maison Maitre, once an ancient Tuilerie, close to Moulins in the Allier departement of central France.

Comprising of a 17.5cm square main field tile, detailing inter-linking circles in its tessellation, it is exquisitely framed by a same size border tile, fluid in design and vibrant in palette. Manufactured between 1891 and 1921 by the heritage and award winning ceramic manufacturer Paul Charnoz, Paray Le Monial, both tiles were produced with a surface relief, not only creating a tile of uniqueness and beauty but also providing a durable tile with a practical anti-slip surface. There is a considerable length of the border tiles, over 18 metres, and there are three border corners that have been recovered, requiring any additional ones be mitre cut from the regular border tile.

The tiles are in excellent condition and have cleaned superbly of their old lime based mortar. Colours are crisp and consistent, there is no surface wear and rarely a chip, the photographs below being an accurate random representation of the whole 12.5m2 / 135 sq ft available. Being a highly fired tile they can be laid inside or outside of the home, where, for example they could make a beautiful and unique practical and decorative statement as a garden pathway to the house or on a patio.

There exists in Paray Le Monial, Burgundy a museum dedicated to the outstanding work that Paul Charnoz did in the late 19th and early 20th century. The website is only in French but gives a wonderful introduction to an exceptional legacy. It can be found by clicking here


Tile quantities:-

Field tiles - 302 - 9.25m2

Border tiles - 105 (plus 3 corners) - 3.3m2 or 18.9 linear metres / 62 linear feet

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