5.75m2 - Small floral themed hallway floor c.1910 (CE88)

5.75m2 - Small floral themed hallway floor c.1910


A small ceramic encaustic French hallway floor, dated 1910, with original same size border tiles, totalling 5.75m2+ / 62sq ft. The tiles, which are 14cm sq, have a cream base with the burgundy based lattice – joined by a central blue cornflower – subtly linking a motif of yellow linked flowers.

The same size border tiles take from the field tiles palette and offer up again a floral but more geometrically balanced theme.

Give or take one or two, there are 210 field tiles and 75 border tiles which give a total linear length for the borders of 10.5 linear metres / 34ft+.

This pretty floor is in good condition. Some tiles display the occasional small chips and nibbles expected of a floor of this age but the ceramic is of good quality and the colours remain crisp. The high resolution photographs detail a random sample of the floor.

It has been cleaned of its old lime based mortar and arrives ready to re-lay.


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