5.5m2+ antique ceramic French damier floor with single border frame (CE193-1)

5.5m2+ antique ceramic French damier floor with single border frame

A small classical French damier floor, totalling 5.5m2+ / 59 sq ft reclaimed from the entrance hall of a town house in Levis Saint-Nom, a village some 44kms south-west of Paris.  We would date the floor between 1920 and 1925.

The floor is ceramic and consists of four tiles, three being the main field tiles and the fourth a half size border tile which frames the floor. The lay is a traditional damier with the twist of an ornate motif field tile present; the sky blue, charcoal and off-white palette for this tile being replicated in the half size border framing the floor. The Boch Freres motif tile is a version of an earlier tile from the beginning of the 20th century and which can be seen by clicking here, the only difference being the size of the tile with the earlier version being 15cm square and this one 14.2cm square.

For photography of the floor we have replicated how the floor appeared in its original lay.... a diagonal lay to the borders.... and hence the reason for the half size diamonds of the large grey tile, which we will supply free.  Obviously there are various other options for laying the floor in different ways within the necessity of respecting the quantities available which are detailed below.

There are some variations in the tile thicknesses, with the Boch Freres motif and border tiles being thicker than the two grey tiles by a few millimetres, something the tiler will compensate for when laying the floor. As the photographs below show the floor has cleaned very well, a small number of tiles display grout-able edge nibbles but it is in excellent condition and good for another 90 years.

This is a classical floor lending itself to many potential applications; an entrance hall, kitchen or outside as a garden path or on a patio. Subtle, discreet but with lots of impact it will also work very well with under-floor heating systems.


14.2cm square field tiles:-

A plain mottled mid grey tile produced by Cerabati – 65 tiles totalling 1.3 m2

A dark grey tile produced by Villeroy Boch – 90 tiles totalling 1.8 m2*

* plus 78 diagonal half tiles (see photos) - supplied FREE

A cross themed motif tile produced by Boch Freres, Maubeuge – 80 tiles totalling 1.6 m2


14cm x 7cm border tiles :-

84 tiles plus 4 corners totalling 0.85 m2 or 11.9 linear metres / 39 linear feet

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