Rare 18m2 Art Nouveau floor complete with triple border tiles (CL24)

Rare 18m2 Art Nouveau floor complete with triple border tiles

SOLD  SOLD  SOLD  A rare art nouveau ceramic floor manufactured by Sand & Cie, totalling 18m2 / 195 sq ft, reclaimed from a maison maitre close to Charleloi in Belgium and now fully restored to its original beauty. The floor comprises of three principal tiles; the main field tile and large border, which are both 14.5cm sq, and a half size border tile which is laid in duplicate framing the large border top and bottom. There are 8 small border corner tiles present with the floor and given the large border series uses a field tile as its corner piece an almost limitless number can be used for tracing the border. The design is unmistakingly art nouveau in its lush and indulgent vegetal styling and the palette is pastel, with a strong present of burnt orange, pink and green on a grey fond.

The floor is in excellent condition as the high resolution photographs below show. The slip is deep, showing no sign of surface wear, and while there are small edge chips and nibbles on some tiles these are all groutable and add to the antique patina and character of the floor. Being a ceramic tile that is highly fired, the floor can be laid inside or outside of the home and is also ideal in a bathroom, wet room, inside a shower and of course a kitchen area as a regular washing is all that is required to maintain its beauty. The tiles have all but zero porosity.

This is a rare floor and a scan from the period Sand & Cie catalogue in our possession shows the floor, this time with a different small border series. Photographs can only communicate so much in both colour translation and the quality of a tile and we do offer a sample service so the tiles can be seen 'in the flesh'. We can also assist in helping evaluate the best possible fit for a floor in your chosen space.


Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

Main field tiles -  645 - 13.6m2 / 146 sq ft

Large border tiles - 100 - 14.5 linear metres / 47.5 linear ft

Small border tiles - 200 plus 12 corner tiles - 29 linear metres / 95 linear ft


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