RARE 21.5m2 / 230 sq ft. Paray Le Monial ceramic floor - early 20th century (CE232)

RARE 21.5m2 / 230 sq ft. Paray Le Monial ceramic floor - early 20th century


A rare and large antique floor of exquisite design in a subtle principal palette of dove grey, white and burgundy, recently reclaimed from a renovation in Digoin, Saone-et-Loire, France and now fully restored, arriving ready to relay. Manufactured by hand by Carrleages Paray Le Monial in the Burgundian city of the same name and reverse stamped with their inscription the floor comprises of a prinicpal field tile of an interlocking motif complete with faux cabachons at each tile corner,  a same size border complete with its four corners, itself framed top and tail by two different half size borders, again complete with their four border tile corners.

The floor surface totals 21.5m2 / 230 sq ft with a large number of free tile rejects for use as offcuts and halves.

As the high resolution photographs below of a random 1.5 metre sq section of the floor show the patina is charming with slight colour variation, particularly amongst the burgundy (owing to the handmade batch nature of the production), some small chips and groutable edge nibbles are present but these 16mm thick tiles are in excellent robust condition and lend themselves to an interior or exterior lay. Being Gres Cerame and highly fired they will work very efficiently with underfloor heating systems. 

Both the main field and full size border tiles are 14cm sq and the half size borders 14cm x 7cm

There remains a ceramics museum in Paray Le Monial, named in honour of Paul Charnoz who founded the original family business. Two links to the museum (one in French, one in English) can be found here and here

We would be happy to evaluate a potential fit for this floor in your room or area of choice without obligation. We would simply need a sketch with key dimensions.


Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

Field tiles - 825 - 16.5m2 / 177 sq ft.

Large borders - 119 plus 4 corners - 2.46m2 / 26.5 sq ft or 17.2 linear metres / 56.4 linear feet

Small borders (bar design) - 110 plus 4 corners - 1.12m2 / 12 sq ft or 15.6 linear metres / 51.4 linear feet

Small borders (geometric design) - 140 plus 4 corners - 1.42m2 / 15.3 sq ft or 19.9 linear metres / 65.3 linear feet

Plus a large number of free tile rejects to use as cuts and halves

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