14m2+ Delicate antique ceramic floor tiles c.1900 (CE2)

14m2+ Delicate antique ceramic floor tiles c.1900


An antique Art Nouveau ceramic encaustic floor with triple borders, totalling 14m2+ (150 sq ft) in surface area and dated c.1900. The field tiles and principal border tiles are in a buff and cream, with vieux rose, burgundy and sage green also present. The field and large border tile are 14cm sq (5 ½ inches), with the smaller borders 14cm long x 7cm wide. The floor delicately tessellates in a dot bordered star motif with fluid art nouveau touches and the complementary large border tiles are framed by a smaller half size border. The tiles have been cleaned of their original lime based mortar and are ready to relay, polish and re-wax. The border series is completely in tact and in fact has a triple lay – one large border framed by two small (one small border was missed in laying out the floor for photographing!)


Half size border tile. This is in duplicate and frames the large border top and bottom. Only shown once in floor photographs to the right.

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