12.5m2 ceramic encaustic floor with triple borders 1920-1925 (CE131)

12.5m2 ceramic encaustic floor with triple borders 1920-1925

SOLD   SOLD   SOLD  A French ceramic encaustic floor complete with its original triple border tile layout. The border series features a single same size border tile framed by a dual half size border tile. The tiles are ceramic and unmarked on their reverse but the date is attributed to the age of the house in Cambrai, north France, from where they were recovered.

The main field and large border tile are 14cm sq and c.1cm+ thick with the half size borders 14cm x 7cm. The palette is muted on a fond of white and the design while ornate is clearly geometrical and easy on the eye; four beige and leaf green bars frame a cornflower blue and dark burgundy flower and a burgundy and beige motif, both alternating in the four tile design. The border tiles take from the same palette, adding a light grey.

The floor has cleaned well and the tiles are in good condition. We have picked a random section of the floor to photograph and you can zoom into the high quality photographs to see both the detail of design and its pleasing patina.

The floor can be laid internally or externally as both high and sub-zero temperatures do not present a problem, in fact ceramic is an excellent retainer and distributor of heat.

Tile quantities (give or take one or two):-

12.5m2 / 135sq ft

Main field tiles – 520

Large borders – 60

Small borders – 140 (5 corners)

Plus off-cuts for keying to walls and mitre cutting missing 3 small border corners

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