Moorish influenced antique French carreaux de ciments floor 4.5m2 (CM50-1)

Moorish influenced antique French carreaux de ciments floor 4.5m2

SOLD SOLD SOLD A small antique French carreaux de ciments floor totalling c.4.5m2 / 48 sq ft of 20cm square tiles reclaimed from a house in Herault in the south of France. The floor has a strong arabic influence in its design and the palette is bold in green and dark purple on a white fond, the original same size borders adding mustard to the palette. This is a floor with a rich, time-worn patina; there are small and medium size chips a plenty and edge nibbles on the tiles but all are groutable and the solidity of the tiles, which weigh 1.2 kilos each and over 2cm thick is guaranteed. The photographs below are of an accurate representation of the floor and we have them in high resolution format should you wish to see them in higher detail. There are only 13 large border tiles available, providing a linear length of 2.6 metres / 102 inches, so a centralised feature or selected laying in say the jamb of a door is most likely the borders best visual application.

Being a cured rather than a fired tile they should only be laid indoors unless you live in an area where sub zero temperatures with accompanying freezing and thawing doesn't occur. As they have a low level of surface porosity tile, like teracotta, they should be sealed once laid with a clear, easily applied sealant that we will provide free of charge and which will protect them against staining. Optionally, the tiles can be waxed, which will both serve to protect them but also lift their colours and add a satin finish as the photographs show the tiles in a matt state following their cleaning with a professional alkaline tile restorer. 


Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

Main field tile - 101

Large border tile - 13

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