Antique french floor tiles c.1900 (CM53)

Antique french floor tiles c.1900

8.5m2+ / 90 sq ft of antique 20cm sq carreaux de ciments floor tiles of two complimentary colourways and their same size border tiles. The tiles have been reclaimed from a kitchen in a village in Saone et Loire in Burgundy, close to Macon. Dating between 1890 and 1900 they are a classic heraldic damier, complimented by a more ornate same size border tile, totalling 5 linear metres.

The floor has been cleaned of its old lime based mortar and the faces have been steam cleaned to remove old wax and dirt. The floor has a pleasing patina, as the high resolution photographs show. Some tiles display the occassional nibbles and small chips that will grout in and a few tiles have some surface crackling. Being a cured rather than fired tile they are only suitable for indoor use unless you live in a climate where freezing and thawing does not occur. The tiles will need to be sealed once laid and a waxing would lift their lustre also.

Tile quantities give or take one or two:-

Yellow – 96 Caramel – 92 Borders – 25

Plus offcuts of all three tiles, which have some chips and which are supplied free. These can either be laid and the chips grouted in or can be used as offcuts for keying to skirting or walls.


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