c.15.25m2 French carreaux de ciments tiles 1925 - 1935 (CE104-1)

c.15.25m2 French carreaux de ciments tiles 1925 - 1935


15.25m2 / 165 sq ft of French carreaux de ciments floor tiles, 16cm sq in a blue and red harlequin design with alternating black and brown linking squares.

The tiles are dated to the decade between 1925-1935.

The floor, which has been reclaimed from the hallway of a town hall in the suburbs of Dijon, Burgundy, has been cleaned of its old lime based mortar and the tiles have had their faces cleaned with a professional alkaline wash to remove old wax and dirt.

The floor is in good condition; occassional chips and nibbles are apparent but there is a pleasing patina as the photographs detail. Being carreaux de ciment they are only suitable for internal laying unless there is no risk of sub zero temperatures outside you home.

FIELD – 555 - 14.2m2

BORDERS* – 40 (6.88 linear metres) - 1m2


* additional borders are available if required.

plus a large number of tiles for offcuts.


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