Four antique ceramic period floors (CSDC)

Four antique ceramic period floors


These four antique ceramic floors have now been lifted and transported to our workshop where they are being professionally cleaned

French and dating from the early part of the 20th century they were produced by Boch Freres and Douzies Maubeuge

Photographs show the floors pre-lifting, new photographs of cleaned sections will be available soon

Enquire for more details. Indicative final surface areas are below.


CL106 - 16cm square ceramic tiles - uses three individual field tiles plus its original border series - Surface estimate - c.20m2 to 23m2 - 215 sq ft to 250 sq ft

CL107 - 15cm square ceramic tiles - a bold period Boch Freres floral themed floor with a same size and half size border - Surface - 12m2 to 13m2 - 129 sq ft to 140 sq ft

CL108 - 17cm square ceramic tiles - a period Boch Freres floor using a main field tile framed by a half size tile and cabachons and with its original half size and full size borders - Surface estimate - c.21m2 to 23m2 - 225 sq ft to 245 sq ft.

CL109 - 15cm square ceramic tiles - Douzies Maubeuge - a principal field tile plus a same size border and half sized border laid in duplicate - Surface estimate - 25m2 to 26m2 - 270 sq ft to 280 sq ft