Small, classical 3.25m2 antique ceramic floor (CL98)

Small, classical 3.25m2 antique ceramic floor

A small classical antique ceramic damier floor consisting of a grey and white harlequin 13.5cm square field tile and a half size ceramic border, for which all four border corner tiles are available

The tiles were produced by Ceramiques Societe Morialme, France. The floor is one of several reclaimed from a house close to Gembloux in Belgium

Perfect for a porch, small entrance hallway, bathrooom or toilet

The floor has cleaned well and is in good condition; 13mm thick, the tiles have an antique patina with some displaying small groutable chips and edge nibbles

The high resolution photographs are of a random c.1m2 section of the floor


Tile Quantities:-

Main field tiles - 123 - 2.25m2

Half size borders - 103 plus 8 corners - 1m2 - 14.4 linear metres or 47 linear feet


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