A small 2m2+ / 21 sq ft autumn leaves themed ceramic (DB15)

A small 2m2+ / 21 sq ft autumn leaves themed ceramic

One we love for its simple design purity, a small antique ceramic tile centered on an autumnal theme of yellow and brown styalised leaves with all four corner tiles, offering a teal coloured leaf, present.

The tile would work well in a small porch, toilet, as a splashback in a kitchen or bathroom or as a centralised feature in a larger area, framed by a complimentary plain tile taking from the same palette.

The tiles are ceramic encaustic, 14cm square and there are 100 tiles in total, providing a surface area of 2m2. An option to increase the surface area by taking the half size border shown is available.

We have laid the floor in two ways to show the options available, this is a beautiful heavy 15mm thick tile with a rich antique patina.

Added in some photographs below are a complimentary half size border and up to 90 of these border plus 8 corners are available.

Further details of the border can be found by clicking here


Given the small surface area of the floor it is likely economical delivery would only be as part of a larger order. Optionally, a collection or arranging of your own transport can be made.

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