Small, 7.3m2 antique French ceramic floor (CE218)

Small, 7.3m2 antique French ceramic floor

SOLD  SOLD  SOLD  A bold, strongly geometrical antique French ceramic floor reclaimed from the reception room of a house in Cysoing in the Nord departement of France, some 10 miles from the city of Lille. Both the main field tile and its accompanying border tile are 14cm square and +/-15mm thick. The palette is cool in off-white, mid blue and mid grey and the floor surface area totals 7.3m2 being 6m2 of field tiles (+/- 300 tiles) and 1.3m2 of border tiles (63 tiles - 8.9 linear metres in length). There are 2 border tile corners available but given their symmetry the missing two can be mitre cut from normal border tiles.

The reverse of the tiles are marked F-C Douvrin, Pas de Calais. The F C is Fourmaintraux-Courquin, based in Pas de Calais and better known for tin glazed stencilled wall tiles. These tiles date 1880 to c.1910

Having been cleaned tile by tile the floor reveals a rich, time aged antique patina as the high resolution photographs show below; some tiles display edge nibbles and small chips, some slight discolouration, all to be expected of a floor of this age and all adding to its charm. We have laid out the field tiles in two ways to show the lay option available.

Being ceramic and highly fired the tiles can be laid inside or outside of the home where sub-zero temperatures will not effect the tile and can be laid internally with underfloor heating systems. 

We are happy to assist in evaluating a best fit for a floor without obligation.