Small, 4m2, antique Octave Colozier ceramic floor - pre 1913 (CE224)

Small, 4m2, antique Octave Colozier ceramic floor - pre 1913


Totalling 4m2 / 43 sq ft. this pretty antique ceramic encaustic floor has been reclaimed from the bathroom of a turn of the century town house in Pas-en Atrois in the Pays de Calais department of northern France. Manufactured by Octave Colozier, pre 1913, it comes with its original 14cm square field tile, same size border and half size border series. The palette is cool; a styalised vegetal motif in a leaf green sits on a sky blue tile fond anchored by white flower heads.

A scan of the tile from the original Octave Colozier catalogue of 1913, in our possession, can be seen below.

The floor has cleaned well, slip colours are crisp and consistent and the ceramic is excellent. A small number of tiles display small chips or edge nibbles expected of a floor over 100 years old with the high resolution photographs below being of a random sample of the floor.

The floor would be perfect for a small bathroom, entrance lobby or as a centralised feature in a larger area framed by a complimentary tile or antique parquet. Optionally, being a highly fired tile, they can be laid outside of the home on a patio or in a summer house.

Tile quantities:-

Field tiles - 143 plus free offcuts

Large Border tiles - 37 plus free offcuts - 5.2 linear metres or 17 linear feet

Small Border tiles - 45 - 6.3 linear metres or 20.6 linear feet