Pretty antique ceramic French floor with triple borders c.1900-1920 (CL14)

Pretty antique ceramic French floor with triple borders c.1900-1920

SOLD  SOLD  SOLD  A small, 8.5m2 / 90 sq ft antique French ceramic encaustic floor, dating between 1900-1920, reclaimed from a townhouse in Maleve Sainte Mairie, close to Namur in Belgium although the floor is in fact French, having been produced by Societe Morialme

The floor comes with its original large border and half size border tiles, which are laid in duplicate with the main field tile and same size borders 14cm square and c.1.5cm thick. There is a missing large border corner tile (three have been recovered) and four corner pieces are available for the small border series, sufficient for a single lay but others would need to be mitre cut should the borders be laid in duplicate. An easy task for a tiler.

This main fond of the tile is white, allowing for a great distribution of light and the palette is soft with burgundy, blue, mustard and emerald green apparent. The patina after cleaning is superb, colours are consistent and aside the charm evident in its time aged patina it is a very good ceramic with a quality slip showing no surface wear. The design is delicate and feminine and the floral bouquet borders particularly beautiful. 

Being ceramic they can be laid inside or outside of the home and maintenance wise will only require a regular wash to retain their beauty.


Tile quantities, give or take one two:-

Main field tiles - 320 - 6.3m2

Large borders - 62 (3 corners) - 1.2m2 - 9.1 linear metres / 30 linear feet

Small borders - 102 (4 corners) - 1m2 - 14.28 linear metres / 47 linear feet