Large elegant Boch Freres Maubege ceramic floor with triple borders c.1890 (CE158)

Large elegant Boch Freres Maubege ceramic floor with triple borders c.1890

SOLD   SOLD  SOLD   A simply stunning period Boch Freres, Maubege ceramic encaustic floor totalling 39m2 / 420 sq ft reclaimed from a Haussmann apartment in Paris. The floor dates from the late 19th century when the tiles were individually handmade; the form is simple in its tessellation, subtle in its palette and the relief design apparent on each tile delivers further uniqueness. The wheat colour of the main field tile with its mid grey regal motif is framed by an exquisitely detailed and fluid deep red same size border tile, in itself top and tailed by a geometrical half size border. This is an imperious floor! Both the main field tile and large border are 17.5cm sq, close to 2cm thick and weigh in excess of 1 kilo each.

The floor has cleaned superbly as the high resolution photographs of a section of tiles below show. The ceramic is excellent and the colours are consistent; some tiles display small groutable chips and nibbles expected of a floor of this age but the overall condition is very good and the floor arrives ready to relay, requiring only a regular washing to maintain its beauty. Being highly fired the tiles can be laid inside or outside of the home and are ideal for use with underfloor heating systems as they are excellent conductors and retainers of heat.

Given the size of the floor, should you need assistance in evaluating best fit and use of borders we will be happy to help without obligation.


Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

Main field tile - 1,045

Large border tiles - 126

Small border tiles - 243

Plus free offcuts