Curious antique floor produced by Perusson c.1900-1910 (CM53-1)

Curious antique floor produced by Perusson c.1900-1910

SOLD   SOLD   SOLD   A most unusual antique floor reclaimed from an ongoing renovation of a farmhouse close to Auxerre in Burgundy, France. These 17cm square tiles were manufactured by Perusson of Burgundy between 1900-1910. The remnants of the Perusson factories can still be seen at the side of the Canal de Bourgone in Saone et Loire. The fond of the tile is a milk chocolate brown with a simple diamond blue motif, creating a 3D impression piped by white and black. The original half size border tiles in burgundy, mustard and black are included.

The floor has a rich patina. There is evidence of some wearing on some surfaces but the slip is deep and the ceramic is good. During the cleaning process we have removed any tiles where there has been a deeper staining in the tile surface and supply these free. Any deeper staining (c.1mm to 2mm in the tile surface) can simply be removed by having the floor polished with a soft high speed carbon disk once the floor is relaid but it can only be done once the floor is relaid. We can provide some photographs of tiles with some surface staining should you wish to see them. Tile polishing machines can be hired for little cost and the polishing would take less than a day as it simply removes c.2mm of the tile surface, removing any staining and revealing the next layer of tile slip.

Being ceramic encaustic and a highly fired tile, the floor can be relaid either inside or outside of the home and can be used most efficiently with underfloor heating systems.

c. 3 weeks for UK mainland delivery. For all other destinations we can provide a delivery quote at cost and leadtime to your country.

 Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

Main field tiles - 125 totalling 3.6m2*

Small border tiles - 75 totalling 1.1m2

* plus a further c.45-50 tiles with various levels of polishable staining, supplied free. Photos available.

Floor surface area is between 4.7m2 and 6.3m2, if all tiles are used.