CE142 - 16m2+ antique french art nouveau floor with double border tiles c.1905 (CE142)

CE142 - 16m2+ antique french art nouveau floor with double border tiles c.1905

SOLD   SOLD   SOLD   A 16m2 / 170 sq ft French ceramic encaustic floor with a same size and half size border configuration. The principal field tile, 14cm sq, is a styalised floral design of a large yellow flower on a sage green background. While the surrounding lattice work making up the four tile pattern is fluid the overall purity of the geometry of the floor is apparent. The floor is framed by two border tiles; the half size border tile is in the same colours as the flower head on the field tile and is a simple flower head on a dark jade green fond. The freeform design of the large border tile is unmistakingly art nouveau.

The floor, which has been reclaimed from the dining room of a town house in the Picardie region of France, has cleaned very well having had old mortar removed from the reverse and sides of the tiles and old wax removed from their faces. The floor is in good condition with a small number of tiles displaying small groutable chips expected of a floor of this age. Being ceramic encaustic and highly fired, the tiles can be laid internally or externally and are excellent conductors and retainers of heat, so suitable for use with underfloor heating systems.

TILE QUANTITIES (give or take one or two):-

Main field tile - 675+

Large border tile - 90 (plus 3 corner tiles) - 13 linear metres / 43 linear ft

Small border tile - 118 (plus 6 corner tiles) - 16.8 linear metres / 55 linear ft

TOTAL - 16.25m2 *

* plus free offcuts