Antique ceramic kitchen floor c.1892-1910 (CE35)

Antique ceramic kitchen floor c.1892-1910


A predominantly sky blue, mid grey and off-white complete antique floor dating between 1892-1910, with a single half size border tile. The design of a harlequin style cubic tessellation is shared with a softer fluid central motif with dark burgundy framing the two forms.

The tiles are marked SCN, an abbreviation of S.A. La Céramique National but from their earlier factory at Forges-les-Chimay, a factory that produced ceramic encaustic tiles between 1892 and 1910.

The tiles are 14cm sq / 5 ½ inches with a half size floral themed border tile framing the floor. The colours remain as rich and beautiful as when fired and the floor has lost none of its patina during the cleaning process to remove old mortar, wax, dirt and paint drops. This is a good quality ceramic encaustic tile.

There are c.400 principal tiles, totaling 7.8m2 / 80 sq ft + and 100 half size border tiles totaling 1m2 / 11 sq ft or 14 linear metres (nearly 46 linear feet). The corner pieces for the borders are present and correct.

There are more of the small border tiles available, if required, as they were also used to frame two adjacent storage rooms to the kitchen.