A small, 4.5m2 ceramic French floor with original borders (CE244)

A small, 4.5m2 ceramic French floor with original borders


This small ceramic encaustic floor, totalling just over 4.5m2 / 48.4 sq ft, is ideal for a small bathroom, entrance hallway or porch. A quality ceramic with a good slip it was produced by Societe Morialme in France in the early 20th century.

Both the principal field tile and same size border are 14cm square, 1.5cm thick and the the mosaically styalized design embraces a strong floral theme in a warm palette, where dark red and mustard are the dominant colours. The main field tile is framed by a same size border which can either be laid singularly or back to back as we have shown in the photographs below. There are no corner tiles available for the border but these can be mitre cut from the regular borders. 

The floor has cleaned well of its old lime based mortar and the faces, which were dulled owing to many years of waxing, now reveal consistent crisp colours as the high resolution photographs below show. Displaying a pleasing patina, with a small percentage of tiles having small groutable chips or edge nibblings expected of a floor nearly 100 years old, once laid (and they can be laid inside or outside of the home) they will not require sealing or waxing and a regular wash is all that is required to maintain their lustre and beauty. 

The tiles are excellent distributors and retainers of heat and as such can be laid with underfloor heating systems.


Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

Main field tiles - 155 tiles - 3m2 / 32.3 sq ft

Border tiles - 75 tiles - 1.5m2 / 16 sq ft*

*10.5 linear metres / 34.4 linear feet when laid as single borders. Halve for a back to back lay.