5m2+ Antique French ceramic encaustic field tiles c.1920 (CE147)

5m2+ Antique French ceramic encaustic field tiles c.1920



A pretty, snowdrop themed antique French encaustic floor tile dated c.1920 reclaimed from the kitchen of a town house in Bethune, northern France. The 14cm q tiles are reverse marked MCM, the inscription for Manufacturers Ceramiques Morialme.

Strongly geometric, the tile tessellates to produce two alternating black and caramel squares with light grey or green leafing entwining the flowers. The tiles are in very good condition, there are small chips and edge nibbles but the 1.5cm thick ceramic is excellent. This was a filthy floor when it arrived at our workshop, decades of waxing having trapped in layers of dirt but following a professional cleaning the colours are now as fresh and crisp as they were when the tile was first taken from the kiln 90 years ago. Being ceramic encaustic and highly fired the floor can be laid inside or outside of the home and as good conductors and distributors of heat they can be used with under-floor heating systems. The floor does not require sealing or waxing once laid and a regular wash will be sufficient to keep the tiles clean.

Tile quantities:-

250 – 5m2 plus free offcuts

Based on your interest in the floor we will be happy to evaluate the best fit for your chosen room.