5.2m2 Antique French ceramic floor complete with double border tiles c.1915-1920 (CE125RES)

5.2m2 Antique French ceramic floor complete with double border tiles c.1915-1920

SOLD  SOLD  SOLD  A beautifully designed antique French ceramic floor complete with its original double border tiles. The 15cm tiles are reverse marked Manufacturers Ceramiques - Gare de Douzies Maubege and date from between 1915 and 1920. The ceramic is excellent, the tiles being 1.5cm thick and with a good slip. The motifs are ornate but the pattern is strongly geometrical and the palette is subtle with the motifs anchored on mid greys and off-white. Lush borders frame the floor and while the floor was originally laid in its entrance hallway with its double border series, as shown in the photographs below, it can also be framed by a single border, doubling the length of tiles available.

The floor has cleaned very well and the tiles are in good condition, some displaying small groutable chips but having removed years of old dirt, mortar and wax during the cleaning process the end result has revealed a tile of quality where the colours are crisp and consistent. A 2m2 section of the floor is photographed in high resolution below. Being a ceramic tile the floor can be laid inside or outside of the home but in our opinion its geometric tessellation and border length make it ideal for an entrance hallway or reception room. We will be happy to assist in evaluating the fit of the floor in your chosen space, without obligation.


Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

Main field tile - 120+ (2.7m2)

Border tile* - 105 plus 8 corner tiles (2.5m2) 

*16 linear metres / 53 ft single lay, half the length for the double lay shown in the photographs.