20m2+ antique French ceramic encaustic floor in a subtle palette (CE231)

20m2+ antique French ceramic encaustic floor in a subtle palette


With a total surface area of more than 20m2 / 215 sq ft this antique French ceramic encaustic floor offers up both a charming antique patina on an excellent 15mm thick ceramic and a cool palette of greys, off-whites and burgundy. The principal field tile of 15.5cm square is framed by a same sized border tile for which all four corner tiles are present and a 15cm x 7.5cm domino themed border tile for which the border corners will either need angle cutting or mitre cutting from free tile rejects provided. The design is classically period French, strongly navigational and easy on the eye. 

The patina of the floor is rich; there are small chips and edge nibbles, all groutable but there is no surface wear evident and the tiles will only require a regular wash to retain a unique beauty apparent in the high resolution photographs below. A highly fired tile, they can be laid inside or outside of the home and will work very efficiently with underfloor heating systems.

There are a large number of border tiles, both full size and half size and we will be happy to look at a potential fit for the floor, without obligation, from a sketch with key dimensions or an architects plans.


Tile Quantities, give or take one or two:-

FIELD TILES - 525 - 12.6m2 / 135 sq ft

LARGE BORDERS - 205 plus 4 corners - 5.1m2 / 55.3 sq ft or 31.3 linear metres or 102.8 linear feet

SMALL BORDERS - 190+ - 2.6m2 / 27.6 sq ft or 28.5 linear metres or 93.5 linear feet