15.25m2+ / 165 sq ft Antique ceramic floor with double same size borders (CL43)

15.25m2+ / 165 sq ft Antique ceramic floor with double same size borders


An antique ceramic encaustic floor, complete with its original same size back to back border tiles and totaling 15.25m2 / 165 sq ft, the floor has now been completely cleaned of its old lime based mortar and years of dirt and wax to reveal a good ceramic and a rich, 100 year old patina.

The tiles, 15cm square and 15mm thick and weighing around 850 grammes each are in a cool palette of dove grey, sky blue, burgundy and white and the design of the main field tile is easy on the eye and almost contemporary in styling. The same size back to back borders offer a fine framing of the floor with their free form motifs. 

The floor has been reclaimed from a townhouse close to Gembloux in southern Belgium, where it was laid in the entrance hall. The strong lines of the main tile lending themselves well navigationally in a hallway.

This is a highly fired tile and as such can, despite period tiles being typically much thicker than modern tiles, be used with underfloor heating systems efficiently as they are excellent retainers and distributors of heat. They can also be laid outside of the home, if that is desired, on patio's, summer houses, conservatories, garden paths or as a feature around a pool or fountain.

The tiles will not require sealing once laid, the ceramic is dense and a good washing is all that will be need to retain their beauty.


Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

Field tiles - 500 - 11.25m2 / 121 sq ft

Large Border tiles* - 170 plus 4 internal and 4 external corner tiles - 4m2 / 43 sq ft or 26.7 linear metres / 87.5 linear feet*

* There may potentially be a further 35 large border tiles available - 5.25 linear meters / 17.2 linear feet - check for details

* halve the linear lengths for the back to back lay shown in the photos.