1.2m2 antique ceramic art nouveau field tiles (CL75-1)

1.2m2 antique ceramic art nouveau field tiles


60 antique ceramic art nouveau field tiles, which tessellate to produce a dot-bordered star motif with fluid art nouveau touches. The palette is cool, with sage green, off white, vieux rose and burgundy present. Having been cleaned of their original lime based mortar they arrive ready to relay; colours are crisp and consistent and there is no sign of surface wear. A small number of tiles display edge nibbling, all groutable and adding to the antique patina expected of a tile of this age.

A highly fired tile they will work efficiently with underfloor heating systems, as they are excellent distributors of heat. They are also impervious to sub zero temperatures and so can be laid inside or outside of the home.

The small quantity available would make them ideal as a splashback, as a kitchen counter run, above an Aga or woodburner, in a toilet, in a shower base or shower wall or as a centralised feature surrounded by a complimentary tile or antique wood.

Once laid the floor will not require sealing, a regular wash will be all that is required to retain its beauty.


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