A run of antique Maubeuge border tiles (CE241-3)

A run of antique Maubeuge border tiles


53 antique French ceramic border tiles manufactured by Produits Ceramique, Maubeuge

Early twentieth century

The borders are 14.5 cm sq, 15mm thick and total 7.7 linear metres / 25.2 linear feet

Arriving ready to relay, fully cleaned of their old mortar, the faces reveal crisp and consistant colours and a quality slip

Pleasing patina, some tiles display edge nibbles and a small number a groutable chip, like the first tile shown in the photographs

There are also 8 free reject tiles which can be used to mitre cut border corners

Ideal for a long kitchen counter splashback, a decorative element in a shower, framing a centralised antique bath or framing a plain ceramic in a complimentary palette...

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