11.75m2 ornate mosaic themed ceramic c.1920-1930 (CL116)

11.75m2 ornate mosaic themed ceramic c.1920-1930
An antique ceramic encaustic floor, dating 1920-1930, reclaimed from its original home and now fully restored and arriving ready to relay.
The floor comprises of its 14cm square principal field tile, tessellating across four tiles into an interlinking medallion and faux cabochons motif, and its original same size and half size borders which are laid in duplicate.
The fond of the tile is white and the palette is primrose blue, burnt orange, green and bordeaux. The strongly geometric borders take from the same palette, adding mushroom to the main large border. The design is typical of 1920-1930 French floor styling, embracing a faux mosaic design.
The floor has cleaned superbly revealing consistent and crisp slip colours and the ceramic is excellent. A small number of tiles bear edge nibbles or groutable chips, as a random section of the floor below details. Being ceramic and highly fired it can be laid inside or outside of the home and being an excellent distributor of heat will work well with underfloor heating systems.
This is a unique and ornate floor and one that demands to be the heroine in any room. We think given its palette and style it would lend itself particularly well to a lay in a large bathroom. Or given its powerful symmetry and visual ability to draw one into an area it would also work well in an entrance hallway.
Tile surface is c.11.75 m2 / 126 sq ft
Should you need any assistance with evaluating if the floor fits, or its best layout for your room, we are happy to help without any obligation on your behalf.

Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

FIELD TILES - 450 - 9m2 / 97 sq ft
LARGE BORDERS - 75 plus 4 corners - 1.55 m2 / 16.7 sq ft or 11 linear metres / 36.3 linear feet
SMALL BORDERS - 122 plus 4 corners - 1.2m2 / 13 sq ft. or 17.4 linear metres / 57 linear feet

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